Music for Schools

Apker Metalworks is proud to support the Arts in our schools. Local schools receive a 45% discount on dent repair and polishing services*

Get rid of your dents and dings, and help keep a school band marching at the same time!

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We believe that Music programs are a vital part of our children’s education, and our community. But school funding is at an all-time low, and there is often no money for instrument repair. That’s why we started our Music for Schools program.

Give your school the gift of renewed enthusiasm. After all, who can get excited about learning, or teaching, with a beat up horn?

We are donating an amount equal to 25% of your bill towards instrument repairs for a local school*. In other words, if you bring an instrument to us for repair, and your bill is $40.00, $10.00 will go on account for a local Jr. High or High School, at no cost to you! Local schools are schools in southern Sonoma county, southern Napa county, and Marin county.

You can also purchase a gift certificate for any local school* and Apker Metalworks will match 50% of the value! So a $20 gift certificate will get your school of choice $30 in repairs from Apker Metalworks. Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount, starting at only $10. Check out our other portfolios to see who else has placed their trust in Luke’s work.

* Discount is in the form of a donation. We donate 45% of our service cost to the school.

All gift certificates are totaled at the end of each month.  In the first week of the next month, each school will be presented with a certificate for their total amount.

Gift Certificates can be purchased by simply clicking below. Begin by entering the school you wish to donate to, or state that you want us to choose a school.

Helping a local school is as easy as buying a gift certificate for instrument repair today! Just enter the name of the school, or leave it blank to let us choose. Click the buy now button to go to our secure payment page, where you can enter the amount you would like to give.

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