Ancient Pomo/ Coast Miwok Stone Artifacts

Humans have lived here in California's Wine Country for at least 14900 years, probably far longer. These were all discovered "out of archaeological context". These are here for public viewing only, and are not currently for sale.

These were all found locally, over years of hiking. Each appears to have been intentionally shaped by someone. Unfortunately, they were all recovered as loose rocks, having long since washed free of their “archaeological context”, the dirt that they were initially buried in. Just north of here, Fort Ross sits next to an ancient native settlement that is over 12000 years old, and a skeleton discovered in the North Bay a century ago, but not studied until recently, has proven to be 14900 years old.

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  • Stone Claw/ Pick
    Stone Claw/ Pick
    A very curiously shaped stone, especially for having rolled down a creek. I suspect that this was either an ornament, or the head of a war club. Quarter used for scale.
  • Stone Axe 1
    Stone Axe 1
    This axe-shaped stone is very geometrically shaped, with many straight lines, and a square cross section. The second image shows apparent impact stress fracturing on the crescent-shaped “striking surface”. Quarter used for scale.
  • Stone Axe 2
    Stone Axe 2
    Another axe-shaped stone. The sides taper from the narrower thick end toward the wider, flattened end, creating the appearance of a blade. Half dollar used for scale.
  • Triangular pestle
    Triangular pestle
    This stone is long, straight, and triangular. The edges are also straight, tapering from the angled stubby end to a conical tip. Quarter used for scale.
  • Flat Triangular Stone
    Flat Triangular Stone
    This stone is flat and uniform in thickness. It has a very sharp triangular shape, with crisp edges. Quarter used for scale.