Very Rare Masataka Gendaito

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In 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy established the Minatogawa Jinja to make blades for the Japanese Naval Academy. The head smith of this shrine was named Kasame Moriwaka, who signed his Minatogawa blades as Masataka.

This blade was made by Kasame Moriwaka in April, 1942. It is in nearly immaculate condition.

The inscription under the kiku-sui mon (floating chrysanthemum) reads “Minatogawa Jinja Masataka”.

The other side reads “Showa 17th year, a day in the fourth month”.

This blade was surrendered to American submariner Lieutenant Thomas O. Paine, when he landed with the first boat of marines at Sasebo Harbour, Kyushu, Japan in 1945. In just 24 years, Lieutenant Paine would become NASA’s 3rd head administrator, during the Moon landings. In fact, his World War II submariner’s dolphins, which are just like a pilot’s wings, went to the moon with Neil Armstrong, as a good luck charm.